Wearing A Facemask in the Practice

Following careful consideration and updated guidance, we are going to be asking all patients to wear a mask or face covering when entering the practice building.

This will need to be worn at all times when entering the building whether you are just coming to reception, or to have a consultation.

Your face mask will be worn for the duration of your visit, and if your clinician needs you to remove your mask during the consultation for any reason, they will ask you to do so. This is for the protection of yourself, the patient, and all the staff working hard to keep Spinney patients safe.

Please note that the face covering does not have to be a disposable mask if you are finding it difficult to get hold of them, it can be a self-made mask, or even a scarf, if that is all that is available. Please visit the Government website on how to make your own mask, and how to keep it clean.

We thank you for your understanding and co-operation at this very difficult time.