Tier 3 Status

As you know we are now considered to be tier 3 (red status) in Merseyside and are impacted by stricter measures due to increasing infection rates of COVID-19.

As a result of this we are asking that our patients continue to follow the measures we have in place to keep yourself and our teams safe:

  • Do not come to the surgery
  • Do call us if you need to see a doctor. We will still see to your needs though this might not be face to face
  • Don’t ignore your health issues because of the pandemic
  • Do wait in your car if the doctor or nurse needs to see you and ring us to come out to your car (unless you don’t have a car/phone)
  • Do be kind to our staff, we are doing our best!

The reception staff are working hard to ensure all calls are answered in a timely manner and are triaged as requested by the partners to ensure you get the correct treatment.

Please utilise our website for ordering prescriptions, general enquiries and e-consults.

The Surgery is using alternative digital services for clinics and administration services, such as video consultations, attachments via text messages and the postal service for non-urgent communications.

Please inform the surgery of your up to date contact details so we can utilise our digital services.

It is important that we minimise the amount of face to face contact so please use the electronic services to help us do this and to keep everyone safe in these unusual times.