We Are a Registered Yellow Fever Centre

Yellow Fever is a serious and potentially fatal viral infection which is spread by certain types of mosquitos that bite mainly during the day from Sunrise to Sunset.

High risk areas

High risk areas include tropical parts of Africa and South America and some central parts of America and the Caribbean, such as Panama and Trinidad.

Lifelong Protection

The vaccine gives you, lifelong protection and needs to be administered at least 10 days before your   trip to be valid and allow you into the country.


There is a charge for the vaccine and certificate of £60 which can be paid by (cash or cheque only) on the day.

Health Conditions

Have any health conditions which may affect you receiving the vaccine?

HIV / Cancer / Long term steroids / Receiving Chemotherapy / Pregnant / Unwell with fever on  the day of appointment, have Thymus Disorder or a Severe allergic reaction to Eggs, resulting in Anaphylaxis shock. Please contact your own practice and speak to a clinician.


If you have a Child under 9m old or if you are an older traveller you may be at a higher risk of side effects from the vaccine so please discuss with your Practice Nurse before booking the appointment.

We are happy to advise you regarding Yellow Fever vaccination and your suitability to receive the vaccine before you make an appointment!

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