Clinics and Services

The following clinics are provided in addition to normal surgeries. These clinics are by appointment only:

  • Baby Clinic – Tuesday 11.30 – 16:00
  • Antenatal Clinic – Thursday 13:30 – 16:00
  • NHS Health Checks – Daily
  • Family planning / Contraception service – Daily
  • Joint Injections/Cryosurgery – Booked in specific clinic
  • Well man/woman – Daily
  • Medication Review Clinic – On request

Contraception and Sexual Health

If you need emergency contraception (“the morning after pill” or the emergency coil) please ask to speak to one of our Patient Care Advisors (PCAs) in confidence by phone or in person at the front desk (just ask for a word in private).

For general contraceptive advice please book in with one of our doctors. For repeat pills and the depo-provera injection you can book in with our nurses Sister Jackie or Sister Chloe our Practice Nurses.

We are proud to offer contraceptive implants which last for three years and the coil (Mirena and copper). Please contact the surgery for further information.

If you have been advised by the surgery to submit a contraceptive pill review please use our online form.

A range of services are also available from the St Helens Community Sexual Health Clinics (telephone 0845 155 0156)

Teens and Young People

We provide a confidential service to all our patients, including under-16s. This means we won’t tell anyone else about your visit without your permission. The only time we ever share information without your consent is if you are someone else could be in danger. We would always talk to you about this first.

We are here to help you with your health and your emotional concerns. This may include issues such as acne, depression, sexual health and eating disorders. Our practice nurses are available for repeat contraceptive pills and depo-provera. See our section on sexual health and contraception for more information.

If you wish to speak to one of our Patient Care Advisors in private please ask by phone or at the front desk. We offer same day access telephone and face-to-face appointments with our doctors and nurse prescribers. For urgent problems and routine telephone and face-to-face appointments you can book ahead in person, by phone or online.

Other useful information:

Medication Review Clinic

A Medication Review is a chance to check that you are using your medicines in a way that helps them work best for you. It is an opportunity for you to discuss any problems you may have. It also gives you chance to ask questions or find out more about the medicines you take, including any you buy from the chemist and homeopathic or herbal remedies.

Some medicines should be monitored by regular blood tests. You may be asked to have a blood test if you have not had one recently.

You should bring all your medicines to your review. This includes tablets, medicines, creams, ointments, inhalers, eye drops and any you have bought.

You may also find it useful to bring a list of any questions you have. If there is somebody who helps you manage your medicines, such as a family member, you may find it helpful to bring them too.

Anyone who has repeat medication can arrange a Medication Review.

Personal Medical Services Available

Consultation, assessment, investigation, referral and review. We adopt a holistic approach to family medicine for all patients.

Nurse-led chronic disease management for epilepsy, thyroid disorder, asthma, chronic lung disease, chronic heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Doctor-led chronic disease management for osteoarthritis, chronic pain, inflammatory arthritis, osteoporosis, migraine, chronic gastrointestinal disease, mental health problems, prostate disease and peripheral circulatory disorders.

Full Vaccination Programme, Childhood and Adult

Travel vaccinations, flu and pneumonia vaccinations. Yellow fever vaccinations available on fee paying basis only.

Cervical screening with the newer liquid based cytology technique.

Wart freezing therapy and joint injection therapies by prior assessment only.

All NHS services are free at the point of delivery.

Travel Vaccinations

If you require any vaccinations relating to foreign travel please visit our digital Travel Room.